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Located in Bedford, Bedfordshire. Opening our pink haven late 2020 and we can’t wait to get to know our LR Bride Babe tribe!

When designing the look of the boutique and the branding, I wanted it to be unique, luxurious and personal and I felt there was a gap in the market – stuffy bridal isn’t for us. I’ve worked hard to curate not only a beautiful selection of dresses and accessories but also a laid back and fun environment, I always want to bring something new to Bedfordshire brides. Think modern and fashionable but with a timeless, elegant touch. 

We’re here to offer a personal stylist approach and create a new perception of bridal shopping. We totally get the importance of making the right decision for your wedding dress and we’re here to assist you in every way. Not sure which shape is best for you? Which colour? What kind of underwear do you wear with that? We’re here. We know bridal and we have backgrounds in luxury retail, fashion, buying and merchandising. We’ve also all had our own wedding experience so we know exactly what you’re going through…. the excitement, the nerves and the stress! Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

What's the story of our name?

One of the things I get asked frequently is ‘why have you spelt Lotte wrong?’ Most people use Lottie. As my name is Charlotte Rose and I’ve always had a love for New York, I wanted to move there after I graduated but life had other plans for me. I’ve since managed to travel there numerous times and it’s mine and my husbands favourite place to be, so much so that we got married there in 2019! 

When I met my husband back in 2015 we were discussing tv shows he couldn’t believe that I’d never watched Gossip Girl (I know, that’s a crime at 26 years of age!) Fast forward a few weeks and I’d binged watched every season..TWICE (and a million more times since). When we next went to NYC we did our own gossip girl tour around the city and I fell in love with the LOTTE Palace hotel which is one of the iconic film locations. So TADA – Lotte Rose Bridal.

We’re so excited for you to join the best girl gang in town


Charlotte xo

Crepe wedding dress Lotte Rose Bridal, Bedford, Bedfordshire



 8-12 Bromham Road

   Bedford, Beds

   MK40 2QA


Mon, Tues, Fri: 9.30-5

   Thurs: 10-5

   Sat: 9-6.30

   Weds, Sun: On Request

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