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Size Inclusive at Lotte Rose Bridal

Are you tired of being categorised into ‘curvy’ bride, ‘petite’ bride and even ‘standard’ bride? I don’t know about you but I hate the word curvy, it sounds like an insult even though it isn’t intended. We all have curves no matter what size we are, all of our bodies have a unique shape and curve in different places regardless of which size we buy in Zara or H&M. So why use this word to describe women who are size 18+ in bridal? I don’t like using petite any more than I do curvy. 

At Lotte Rose we use ‘size inclusive’ meaning every bride is catered for with us, regardless of size or shape. We work with a number of designers who believe in size inclusivity, not just through their designs but also through their advertising. These designers don’t create a separate collection for ‘curvy’ brides that has a completely different vibe – you know what I mean (less fashion, not sexy, designed to cover and hide rather than showcase the beauty of each bride). Eugh that makes me so sad. Like I get why ‘curve’ collections became a thing but why do most of them look so dated? (don’t get me wrong there’s some great ones out there but they aren’t that easy to find and you probs need to travel, but why should you have to?)

Bedford wedding dress
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One dress, two shapes, both perfect!

I am so excited to share that both Hayley Paige and Evie Young Bridal offer incredible size inclusive gowns for our brides. The gowns are light, modern and unique and everything I look for when selecting gowns for the Lotte Rose rails. 

 We also work with Morilee who offer a wide selection of size inclusive gowns in size UK 2-30, a choice of dress lengths and also have a separate collection called ‘Julietta’ which is an additional collection for brides size 16+ and still has all the vibes of Morilee – modern bridal silhouettes with details and fabrics showing all the latest bridal trends. The dresses are romantic and a beautiful fit, creatively structured to fit and make you feel like a queen on your wedding day. 

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Designer Liz Young at Evie Young Bridal says “We believe in being exclusively inclusive in our collections and designs, focusing on unity and not on creating a divide or categorising our bride. There is no size that needs a special category – every bride and every size is beautifully diverse and splendidly divine! All our designs will always be available for every bride and every body, in every size we offer. 

Being exclusively inclusive is at the core of who we are – celebrating beauty in all its forms. Our ideology means we showcase our gowns on a range of gorgeous shapes and individual women, and you can always expect this from Evie Young…..

We know that sizing is sometimes a delicate subject, especially when one body can be many different ‘sizes’ across different brands. And so, once you choose your gown, try not to focus so much on the number – you are far more than your size. Let us worry about the measurements… you’ve got enough wedding planning to worry about, beautiful! xx” 

Bedfordshire wedding dress
Bedfordshire bridal shop

At Lotte Rose we stock most of our gowns in sizes 10-18, with a few samples in size 8 and 20. Would you like to see more gowns available in sizes 4/6 and 22/24? We are constantly evolving our rails and dress selection, if there’s a certain dress you’d love to see in one of these sizes let us know, your feedback is super helpful. 

The majority our wedding dresses can be ordered from a UK 2-4 all the way up to UK 28-34 (varies by designer). 

We’ll soon be bringing you even more content from the boutique to showcase the size inclusivity in our range. You haven’t seen a lot of Sam yet, on our ‘about us‘ page you’ll see she’s a part of our weekend team but as we haven’t been able to open for than a few days you won’t have seen her face on social yet. We may be sisters but we are very different and this means we can showcase how gowns look on different shapes, she’s tall, I’m shorter, I’m pretty happy with my bust size but she certainly did win on that one, it means she’s more hourglass and I’m carrying it on my bottom half like Kim K. So we have some great content planned for you, once the NHS gets a little less underwhelmed as she’s a key worker babe and things are tough right now. 

Charlotte xo