The top wedding dress trends for 2021

Here’s our edit from the bridal runways to show you the top 15 wedding dress bridal trends for 2021. No matter what kind of wedding you are planning….big or small here’s your chance to find out what’s hot! From square necks and maxi bows to party sparkles and statement sleeves. All of these trends can be found at Lotte Rose Bridal, aren’t you lucky bride babes!

Square Necks

One of the most talked about trends this season, this sharp neckline flatters the collarbones and shoulders and is a true throwback to the simpler 90’s era. Beautifully minimal yet works for pretty much every dress style: from modern crepe & slip dresses, to classic heavier fabrics and everything in between. 

Evie Young - Reign

Evie Young – Reign

Ida Torez – Mystique

Evie Young – Zola


Think subtle, a touch of sparkle and textural, 3D florals. This look creates a modern whimsical vibe when matched with tulles and a chic feminine look when paired with crisp crepe fabrics.

Morilee - 2044 - Pierette

Ida Torez – Airiness

Morilee – Pierette

La Sposa – Cantua


A new alternative to the traditional veil. A cape will offer you many of the same benefits as the traditional veil: extra coverage, additional train length and even extra interest. They’re a great way to elevate your bridal style and can still be removed after your ceremony to give your dress a different look for the evening. 

Our fabulous veil designer Tulle & Flo can make bespoke capes, wings (yes I said wings!) and caplets to match your dress. Looking for something truly special? We can also stitch secret messages, names and/or dates into every cape and veil.

Tulle & Flo

Tulle & Flo via Sophie May Photo

Minimal Chic

If you’re holding a small ceremony and planning to party later you may want to save your ‘wow’ wedding dress for the party. Simple clean looks are going to be popular for brides taking this route. Think clean lines, cool cuts, crisp appearance and perfect for an intimate wedding. Crepe is a very popular material for 2021, perfect in its structure, the fit on the body and takes added embellishment really well. 

La Sposa – Carica

Hayley Paige Occasions  – 52000

The new backless

Open and bare backs have been around for a few seasons now but this season it’s more of a statement. Otherwise classic long sleeve dresses now give an unexpected flash of skin when photographed from the back, for a take on modern sexy that still feels both sophisticated and modest. 

Morilee – Poesy

Noya Riki Dalal – Rose

One dress.....2 looks. The transformation dress!

It’s important now more than ever, that bridal shops cater for a brides versatility. With many weddings postponed and parties scheduled for later on it’s highlighted the importance of having a multi-wear dress if a bride is keen to stick to one dress, but still have a choice of styling options. Dresses that can be styled in different ways, that can suit a small ceremony and a big party later, worn again yet still made to feel new. Save those ££ girls!

Think playsuits with removable tulle overskirts and fitted sleek dresses with detachable skirts full of drama.

Hayley Paige – Fawn

Morilee – Poesy

Dramatic ruffles

Minimalist wedding gowns have taken centre stage in bridal this year but in our hearts its the dramatic ruffles and feminine dresses that truly captivate us. These dresses show that this fun and romantic look is exactly what we need right now in bridal. 

La Sposa – Elegia

Daria Karlozi – Majesty

Oversized bows

Maxi bows adorning the backs of bridal gowns, waist lines and shoulders have been key on the latest bridal runways. Another positive is these are often detachable so you can mix up your bridal look if you are planning to have split your wedding into 2 parts. 

An easy way to make a big impact is with a bow to add texture and drama. We even have a veil with a hair bow, this can be customised to be sheer tulle, satin, glitter or embellished. 

Morilee – Ava

Noya Riki Dalal – Tamara

Daria Karlozi – Majesty

Statement Sleeves

Statement sleeves have arrived and are going to be huge for 2021…literally! Did anyone else get super excited to see Princess Diana’s wedding dress in the crown?

Whether you want to go bold or keep it subtle and elegant there’s a sleeve for every bride. Structured sleeves work best on crisp modern dresses, while floaty sleeves are perfect for those contemporary boho weddings. Cue the modern fairytale looks.

Evie Young - Raven

Evie Young – Raven

La Sposa – Laurus

Noya Riki Dalal – Juliet

Pastel shades

Whimsical dreaming with bridal dresses in shades of pinks, lavenders and blush. After months of cancelled weddings and many of the traditional wedding elements on pause brides are looking for fun and adventurous styles that have an element of surprise. 

Warm latte and nude tones on underlays are still set to be hot for 2021. If you are looking for a subtle hue but an ivory dress this could be the perfect option for you. Every designer we stock has this trend nailed. See Saffron from our Evie Young collection below.

Evie Young - Saffron

Hayley Paige – Milo

Evie Young – Sierra

Evie Young – Saffron

New Modern Lace

For the boho, beach brides and the traditional brides who want their bridal look to feel relevant to the modern day.

The trend is more understated allowing the beauty of the fabric to speak for itself. This isn’t vintage lace as seen in some of the more traditional bridal shops, this is fresh, interesting and eternally romantic. 

Evie Young - Reign

Morilee – Brooke

Evie Young – Reign

La Sposa – Baleria

Sparkle Sparkle

As parties have been banned for the best part of a year, we havent been able to dress up for weddings and we can’t even get the sparkle out for this years Christmas party! 2021 is going to see many brides go all out for sparkles, many opting  for a minimal look for the ceremony and then a glitzy dress for the party. 

Sparkle isn’t exactly new in bridal but the new sparkle is all about understated shimmer glitters, soft beading and sequins. Less big chunky jewels and crystal bodices. 

Think show stopping, radiant and ethereal with the new sparkle sparkle trend. 

Noya Riki Dalal – Alexandria

Daria Karlozi – Majety

The Slip Dress

Another 90’s throwback, I so wish I had been a young adult through the 90’s as there’s so many great trends. The slip dress is modest but skims the curves for a slightly slinky, barely there look. Perfect for those brides seeking a more minimal ceremony look or for destination brides. This look is also really popular for bridesmaids in 2021.

I think Kate Moss would be thrilled this trend is back. 

Blush Hayley Paige Fawn

Hayley Paige – Fawn

Hayley Paige Occasions – 52011 (also available in ivory)

Modern Corsets

I adore this look. Gone are the days of the traditional lace up corset with the big chunky satin ribbons sucking you in at the back! Whilst there is still a place for this is many bridal shops you won’t find that look here. Corsetry now has a fresh new look, shes once again fashion forward, a little bit sexy but still sophicated with sheer panels, subtle fabrics and open straps at the back, blending the open back look and corsetry into one. 

Hayley Paige – Liv

Ida Torez – Seduction

Layered skirts

Want a wedding dress with drama but dont want the hassle of lots of volume, a long train or any distraction from having 100% fun at your wedding? A layered skirt dress may be the option for you, generally in light weight tulles as the shape holds really well, it will give you all the wow but not the hassle. Some gowns even come with a removable bottom layer so you can take your dress from layered ballgown to cute and fun mini dress for the evening. Hayley Paige has this trend perfected. 

Hayley Paige – Halsey

Hayley Paige – Didi

Now to contradict everythng i’ve just said…… when you go dress shopping you need to choose a dress that right for you and YOUR own style. We all like to think we keep up with the latest trends but if corsets, sleeves or maybe lace aren’t for you then it’s ok to leave them on the rails, go for the trends that grab you. You get one wedding day and a lifetime looking at the photos, the gown you pick should make you light up inside every time you think about it. It should reflect your personality and most importantly you should feel comfortable and confident. Remember, on the wedding day it’s all eyes on you babe, if you don’t feel comforabtle your guests will know (but I’ll never let you leave Lotte Rose in a dress that doesn’t make your heart sparkle)!

Drop me a comment to let me know which of these top 2021 bridal trends is your fave?

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